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Friday procrastination: link love – Iran, New York, and social media

by Cassie, Publicity

Hey everyone, happy Friday! For those of you who are, like me, stuck in the office this Friday, I have some links to help keep you occupied. Hope all is quiet and you have a chance to catch up on everything you’re behind on – I’m certainly going to try!

The Daily Dish’s Andrew Sullivan has been doing a great job following the news out of Iran. Here’s a list of his posts on what’s happening over there.

Speaking of Iran, Twitter has been huge in helping Iranians get reports out of the country as the government cracked down. Twitter even delayed some important maintenance work to make sure citizens could be heard.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos comes out against the Google settlement.

New York’s Restaurant Week is coming up–and you can make your reservations early!

Did you know there’s a fire burning under Pennsylvania that’s been going for over forty years?

OUP’s Evan Schnittmann looks at net pricing vs. list pricing for ebooks.

The Palm Pre and the new iPhone 3GS have both recently launched. How do you know which one is the smartphone for you? Gizmodo helps you decide!

It’s the return of sunspots!

I really hope this movie comes to New York. It looks incredibly sad and incredibly disturbing, but also like something we should all see.

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