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Library Love 2009: Identify that Library, Answers!

Justyna Zajac, Publicity

In honor of National Library Week 2009, OUP posted everyday this week to demonstrate our immense love of libraries. Libraries don’t just house thousands of fascinating books, they are also stunning works of architecture, havens of creativity for communities and venues for free and engaging programs. So please, check out all our library love.

The answers to our library quiz are revealed. Were you able to identify the works of architectural wonder we discussed?

1) Which library is the apple of this city’s eye? (New York Public Library)

2) Egypt may be known for its wondrous pyramids, but its library architecture is no small feat. (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

3) This Danish library has a modern take on royalty. (Royal Library in Copenhagen)

4) This library’s unorthodox shape is unlike any other building in the rainy North American city it resides in. (Seattle Public Library)

5) This library belongs to arguably the best law school in the U.S. (Harvard Law Library)

6) Located in three buildings in the U.S. capitol, this library was established in 1800. (Library of Congress)

7) Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Well no worries if you don’t, this library speaks the universal/ecological language of green. (University of Berlin Philological Library)

8) This library was intended to engage the imagination and aspirations of its home city, as well as provide stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains. (Salt Lake City Public Library)

9) Its Polish home city may have been ravaged during World War II but this “old” library still stands proud as part of the university.  (Old Library at Warsaw University)

10) This library exemplifies that the Irish know length matters. (Long Room Library at Trinity College in Dublin)

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