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Explore Africa: Top Africa Blogs

Eve Donegan, Sales & Marketing Assistant

While author and weekly blogger Gérard Prunier is off exploring Africa, we thought it would be fun for you to do the same. Here are some of the best Africa-focused blogs.

  • -Ingrid Jones provides up to date information on several African and non-African countries in her “Watch” series. A few to check out are: Congo Watch, Sudan Watch, and Uganda Watch. Jones’ multiple blogs do a great job of providing news from around Africa.
  • -For a mix of African news, U.S. politics, and the influence of China, visit Africabeat. This blog is written by Harvard grad student, Jennifer Brea.
  • -The socially conscious and internationally focused My Heart is In Accra brings a broad range of topics to the table while focusing on Africa. This blog is great for readers who are interested in being socially and internationally aware.
  • -To get the hard news on Africa, visit ConnectAfrica. The blog brings up to the minute news on Africa’s news and politics without bias.
  • -Sociolingo’s Africaprovides comprehensive coverage of Africa. On the right side of the homepage you can find articles on Africa’s environment, economics, and technology, to name a few. The site also gives the viewer the option of looking at news from certain African countries. The site’s editor tries to focus on subjects and issues that are not covered by other Africa bloggers.
  • -For a deeper look at Uganda, check out jackfruity. The blog focuses on Ugandan issues, with global topic updates sprinkled in.

Come back next Tuesday to read Prunier’s regular blog. In the meantime, have fun checking out other African blogs!

Recent Comments

  1. tumwijuke

    A couple of great African blogs I follow are:

    Bankelele.blogspot.com – it’s the place I go to for investment, finance and economic information on East Africa.

    Ariniaina.wordpress.com – a good intro to Madagascar politics and society.

    Ugandascarlettlion.blogspot.com – now in Liberia, this photojournalist has a great eye for a great story.

    Bazanye.wordpress.com – the funniest blogger in Uganda.

    ww.dibussi.com – insightful, witty, wise commentary from Cameroon.

  2. Albert Thompson

    You can’t forget about http://www.rootsafrikiko.com

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