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Oxford’s Word Window: Week One

If you have ever walked by the Manhattan office of Oxford University Press on Madison, between 34th and 35th street, you may have noticed two big windows. Periodically we change these displays to reflect current holidays or books we are particularly proud of.  Starting today and continuing for the next twelve weeks this window will display an Oxford Word of the Week, culled from The Oxford English Dictionary.  So check the blog on Mondays to discover what the “word of the week” is and then walk by the window (if you are in NYC) to read its definition. You can also visit the Oxford English Dictionary online for a definition and full history of the word’s origin.

The first word of the week is: Quiddity

Recent Comments

  1. Grant Barrett

    How about pictures? A photo of this week’s window will illustrate the nature and essence of snow. :)

  2. Rebecca

    All part of the masterplan! There will be a picture of this week’s window up next Monday with next week’s word announcement.

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