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The Damp Squid Quiz

Those of you who are, like me, blog-o-holics, will no doubt have seen some of the coverage for our book  Damp Squid, by Jeremy Butterfield. The blogs picked up on the 10 most annoying words and phrases in the English language, but that’s not all that’s in the book. Jeremy Butterfield also examines phrases that have been slightly distorted over the years, so that what we say is often not what was originally meant.

So today I’m bringing a fun little quiz to see how much you know about the origins of phrases we say every day.

Can you spot the original version of these well-known phrases?

just desserts OR just deserts
straight-laced OR strait-laced
minuscule OR miniscule
free reign OR free rein
with baited breath OR with bated breath
preying mantis OR praying mantis
fell swoop OR fowl swoop
hammer and thongs OR hammer and tongs
no love loss OR no love lost

Check back tomorrow for full answers and explanations!

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