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Crossword Puzzle Answers

Earlier today we posted a Mother’s Day crossword puzzle by Adam Fromm.  After the jump are the answers.


The path traced on the answer grid spells the titles STAND AND DELIVER, THE BORN IDENTITY and FROM HERE TO MATERNITY.

1) as I, betas, duct, pod
2) Jane Austen, O’Hare
3) age, hurt, afire, wet
4) rupee, Nino Temple
5) gat, spin-dry, meals
6) arm, at it, ma’am, outwit
7) Toys, conned, tapas
8 ) elfin, FEMA, DDE, Liman
9) warn of, madman, Aleve
10) anoints, diets, rew.
11) yams, SOS, end, Omar, mat
12) Irma, Herman, renters
13) nominee, LOL, chair
14) hairs, item, Abe, Macao
15) Ursa, emo, anos, jump
16) mare, Tammany, who, rye
17) node, lot, Oscar, Ari
18) I see, Iron Curtain
19) Tirana, emotional
20) yes, Tel., sews, Frida

1) ajar, Gateway, inhumanity
2) saguaro, Lana, roar, Rosie
3) inept, May, Fromm, am I, seders
4) behests, Inish, irate, eat
5) eau, epic, nonsense, A-line
6) turn it off, tore, immoral
7) Astin, mane, mass, Mae, tomatoes
8 ) Stan, Dan, Madden, Lean on Me
9) deformed, main, Romany, scow
10) unity, odd, Ned, elbow, cuts
11) core, mute, at once, Sharif
12) theme, talls, math major, tor
13) pawpaw, Pierre, Acura, Ani
14) Orel, Liam, Ave Maria, myriad
15) detests, newst, rope, In LA

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  1. Sergey

    That crosswords are really hard. I spent more than 10 ours solvint it. Moreover, English is not my native language.

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