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Oxford World’s Classics Quiz: Part Two

How did you get on yesterday then? Too easy? Too hard? Just right? Well, it’s time to try your luck with the next ten clues. All the answers come from our newly rebranded Oxford World’s Classics series. Good luck! Answers on Friday.

Section Three: Black and White and Read All Over
1. A seductive Mother Superior and a naïve with no vocation.
2. This cloistered anti-hero’s downfall is akin to Legion’s end.
3. An eighteenth-century reverend faces the trials of Job in Edenic England.
4. This almost-saint journeyed from Huntingdon to St Albans.
5. His saucy epic satires spite his regal Roman name.

Section Four: In the Wars
1. Russian epic retelling of the Napoleonic invasion.
2. The Wretched man the barricades in grande Paris.
3. Story of young Henry at Chancellorsville.
4. Led the invasion of Gallia and wrote about it.
5. A Prussian intellectual’s military manifesto.

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