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Oxford World’s Classics Quiz: Part Three

It’s day three of the Oxford World’s Classics quiz and here are the next ten questions! Keep coming back to OUPblog because there are more clues tomorrow and Friday, then I’ll post the answers on Friday afternoon.

Section Five: That’s Amore
1. Sanskrit text on life, love and spirituality.
2. Banned as obscene, it revolutionised the understanding of female sexuality.
3. Roman poet banished for his subject of adultery.
4. This Parisian’s deviance gave his name to unconventional proclivities.
5. Classic mother who murdered the progeny as the ultimate revenge.

Section Six: Neither Flesh, Fish, nor Fowl
1. An Italian puppet with greater ambitions.
2. This mad scientist’s creation begs for a female companion.
3. Has coffin, will travel.
4. This loch-dwelling mum seeks medieval revenge.
5. Gothic nocturnal female whose bloodlust stoked a later novel.

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  1. Imani

    I always find the lit quizzes here difficult. Quite humbling for me. :)

    Section five
    #3 – Ovid
    #4 – Marquis de Sade
    #5 – Medea

    Section 6 #2 – Frankenstein’s creation in “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley
    #3 – “Dracula” by Bram Stoker?
    #4 – Grendel’s Mom?
    #5 – Bertha Mason in “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte

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