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Oxford World’s Classics Quiz: Part Five

Finally we got there! It’s the last ten questions of the Oxford World’s Classics quiz! Check back later today for the answers to all 50 questions

Section Nine: Explorations
1. He set out for Terra Nova and never made it back.
2. Journey into ‘The horror!’ of the Congo.
3. York castaway considered by some as the prototypical colonist.
4. A ‘swift’ sailing satire.
5. The story of Everyman’s journey from this world to the next.

Section Ten: Man’s Best Friend
1. Montmorency accompanied them from Kingston to Oxford.
2. Woolf’s four-legged subject.
3. Hardship leads a domesticated canine to return to baser instincts.
4. This fiendish incarnation haunts the Devonshire moors.
5. This ship bore the father of natural selection

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