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Wu is Everywhere!

Tim Wu, co-author of Who Controls the Internet, has been very busy lately. He has been writing up a storm on everything from AT&T to J. K. Rowling. Check out his articles below.

On Slate Wu writes about AT&T’s proposal to filter the internet:

“AT&T would immediately become the world’s largest target for copyright infringement lawsuits.”

Also on Slate, Wu answers the question: Is the Rowling copywright lawsuit within her rights?

“As sympathetic as I am to Rowling and her rights as an author, the answer is no. “

On the NYTimes Bits Blog Wu debates with Rick Cotton, the general counsel of NBC Universal.

And in The New Yorker, Wu is quoted in The Search Party, Ken Auletta’s Google article:

““It’s precocious company. Great grades. Perfect I.P.O. A typical high-school standout. The basic problem is whether it remains true to its founding philosophy. I don’t just mean ‘Don’t be evil.’” He means, will it stay focussed on its “founding philosophy, which is really an engineer’s aesthetic of getting you to what you want as fast as you can and getting out of the way,” or will it become “a source of content, a platform, a destination?” He says, “I predict that Google will wind up at war with itself.””

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