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Friday procrastination: link love – ashes, amazon, and Alex Balk

Hope everyone had a nice, short week. I’m off again, this time to a family event in Charlotte. But before I sign-off here are some links to keep you busy. Have a great weekend!

An interview with Robert Mack, editor of Sweeney Todd.

Levi Ashes writes about forgiving writers their transgressions.

Do you trust Amazon reviewers?

I’m such a dork but this had me laughing out loud.

Drunk History with Michael Cera.

Peter Stothard’s link love.

Anyone else think it was bizarre how fast news of Heath Ledger‘s death spread?

Visualizing the bible.

Shh…don’t tell but I have a huge crush on Alex Balk and his inappropriate tumbles.

Finally, one from Kirsty in the UK. Some people really like their haggis.

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