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Friday procrastination: link love – strikes, titles, and Stone Age feminism

I just love WOTY week. It seems to fly by so quickly! Next week is Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to relaxing with some good books and eating a lot of food. The couch and my sweatpants will become inseparable! Until then here are some fun links.

  1. RF went to school in A but is from NJ and now lives in NYC. Sometimes she goes by her initial B and she does edit a B for a living…
  2. What not to buy the kids this holiday season.
  3. I guess being married to an author did nothing for Padma’s vocabulary.
  4. One of my co-workers has been having back problems from sitting at her desk too much. I suggest one of these solutions.
  5. Stone Age feminism? That’s why I order take-out.
  6. Congratulations to the National Book Award winners!
  7. Almost titles.
  8. John Oliver explains the writer’s strike.

    Where download mp3 music? It’s obvious.
    High-speed downloads and super mp3 quality.

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