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National Dictionary Day: Spanish

So have you used your new German and French words in a sentence yet? If you want to wow your friends even more take the Spanish quiz below. Questions were gleaned from the Oxford Language Dictionaries Online which is freely accessible though the 21st. If you have trouble with the quiz below use OLDO to find the answers! Be sure to check back later for our final quiz which will be in Italian!

Question 1: What’s the difference in Spanish between te quiero and quiero té?

Question 2: In English we have blue jokes; what color are they in Spanish?

Question 3: If Madrid or Barcelona are described as colapsado, what has happened?

Question 4: What do a pensamiento, a nomeolvides, and a margarita have in common?


Question 1: Te quiero means I love you; quiero té means I’d like a cup of tea. You can find by typing it into S-E.

Question 2: Green. You can type in blue E-S to find the answer in Spanish: verde

Question 3: They have traffic jams. You can type in colapsado S-E.

Question 4: They are all flowers. You can type in pensamiento S-E to find its translation as pansy, nomeolvides to find its translation as forget-me-not, and margarita to find its translation as daisy

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