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Cheeseburger in Paradise: A Quiz

Andrew Smith, editor of the Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink, thinks we should all know a bit more about hamburgers. See how meat-savvy you are below.  Just so you know, I failed.  I guess meat-ignorance comes with being a vegetarian! Answers at the end.

1. The first national hamburger chain was:
A. McDonald’s
B. Bob’s Big Boy
C. White Tower
D. White Castle
E. Wimpy

2. The first McDonald’s hamburger stand was opened in:
A. Des Plaines, Illinois
B. San Bernardino, California
C. Reno, Nevada
D. New York City
E. Dallas, Texas

3. The best word that describes White Castle’s first hamburger patties is that they were:
A. Square
B. Round
C. Thick
D. Oval
E. Big

4. The person who was the most responsible for the early expansion of McDonald’s in the United States and abroad was:
A. Richard McDonald
B. Jim McLamoreC. Ray Kroc
D. Billy Ingram
E. Dave Thomas

5. The first American hamburger chain to open franchises outside of North America was:
A. White Castle
B. Wimpy
C. Burger King
D. Bob’s Big Boy
E. McDonald’s

6. The first McDonald’s hamburger stand:
A. Was Octagonal in shape
B. Had golden arches coming out of the top of the building
C. Had an indoor dining area
D. Served barbecue
E. Had women employees

7. French fries became an important item on hamburger chain menu during:
A. The 1890s
B. World War I
C. The roaring 1920s
D. The Depression
E. World War II

8. The first hamburger chain to offer “drive-thru” service complete with a two-way speaker system was:
A. McDonald’s
B. Jack in the Box
C. In-N-Out Burger
D. Burger King
E. Sonic

9. The commercial with the question, “Where’s the beef?” was aired by:
A. Wendy’s
B. Burger King
C. McDonald’s
D. Jack in the Box
E. Johnny Rockets

10. The only national hamburger chain with carhop service is:
A. What-a-Burger
B. Sonic
C. Bob’s Big Boy
D. In-N-Out Burger
E. Fatburger

11. The first hamburger chain that served a double patty sandwich was:
A. McDonald’s
B. Burger King
C. Wendy’s
D. Bob’s Big Boy
E. Fatburger

12. Which of the following is a “retro” hamburger chain, complete with Juke Boxes:
A. In-N-Out Burger
B. What-a-Burger
C. Krystal
D. A&W
E. Johnny Rockets

1. D.
2. B.
3. A.
4. C.
5. B.food-and-drink.jpg
6. A.
7. E.
8. C.
9. A.
10. B.
11. D.
12. E.

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  1. Paul Snyder

    Can you tell me the name of a company that sells hamburger that doesn’t have grizzle in it

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  3. Jessie

    Excellent and fun hamburger quiz. I scored 50%, which I don’t think is that bad.

  4. Kent Stickney

    #6 – the correct answer is D) they served barbecue.
    The original stand was hexagonal. The answer key is wrong.

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