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Holy Hangover, Batman!

Someone pass me four advils and a bucket of your finest coffee.

If life appears sluggish around here, it’s because last night Oxford threw a launch party to celebrate the publication of The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink. Even our ironic trucker hats can’t hide these hangovers. Contrary to popular belief, we publishing nuts really know how to throw back margaritas and double-fist our Twinkies. All those in favor of embarrassing pictures say cheese…

OUP likes to party.

Pre-party shot of Don, Claudia, Lindsay, Sarah, Amy, Paige, and Dan. © Sean Sime

Andy Smith

Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink author Andy Smith wows the crowd with wonderful Wonderbread stories. © Sean Sime


Nothing more American than burgers and tater tots to soak up all that beer. © Sean Sime

Bunch of drunks

Erin Cox (New Yorker), Sarah, Miguel, and Sean pause to take a picture for the blog. © Sean Sime

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