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National Poetry Month: An Untitled Poem

We are pleased to bring you another poem by Noah Levin (an OUP employee also!) Feast your eyes below.

by Noah Levin

One day I plugged my brain into
that unexpected socket I found and
the transmittal worked just fine as I
opened my eyes to the everything
that was lost to nobody but sacred to
all. Drudgery and life’s woes was
replaced by glorious strands of
spittle and hummed electric
feedback took the place of mind’s
rightful purr.

I wondered and stared at glorious
beautiful images flickering in front
of me:

I worshiped false idols!

The directive hummed on and
mapped my life out before my
outstretched hands, the impossible
dream was within reach. My
concerns were spelled out drawing
me in closer, closer. I could not
deny, the direction was hardwired
into the interface as my
spelled out, mapped out, fear helped
a coin appear in someone else’s

And the magic carpet ride replaced
my welcome mat which is nice
when the rain is stuck to the bottom
of my boots.

I’m docile you fucks – is that how
you like me? When my chant can
be your chant and the script was
written in visual images even a half
-idle twit could grasp?

My spittle is testimony to the tribe
that I have joined and your coat of
arms will smudge my hand should I
ever regain the will to use the
damned thing.

But I’m happy to say I’m free of
that fate now ‘cause I cut that false
wire years ago and the singular eye
no longer shows me what to say.
But the glare has left its curse and
I’m tired of the mindless zombies
that have piled their bodies like a
roadblock temple reaching for the
sky with fools waiting on line to
offer themselves in sacrifice to join
the mindless ones.

Goodbye, so long and thanks for
nothing, your useless body is only
good now for a signpost to those
that want to know how to walk the
road unplugged.

Born out of the seedy underbelly of the poetry scene at the turn of the millennium – The Buffalo Poets, known buffallo1.jpgfor their unique energy and wit, began hosting open readings as a direct reaction to Slam Poetics and cookie cutter style poets found in New York City.Hailing originally from New York City, the Buffalo are composed of four core members: Roger Kenny aka King Otho, Aaron Arnout, Noah Levin and David Acevedo. The Buffalo have many artists throughout America including, James Honzik, Michael Franklin, Kevin Callahan and the infamous activist Rafael Bueno.

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