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Friday Procrastination

This Friday’s procrastination idea is stolen from 5th Estate, a wonderful blog run by Press Books. Below is an A-Z list of books worth reading. You may notice that the topics range from classics to politics to religion and back again. Don’t worry, there is some logic, all the books are published by Oxford University Press. I think this list should keep you busy reading all year. If you have read any of these books please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

A is for Terry Alford’s Prince Among Slaves
B is for Simon Blackburn’s Truth: A Guide
C is for Julia Collins’s The Curse of Caste; or The Slave Bride

D is for David Brion Davis’s Inhuman Bondage
E is for David Edgerton’s Shock of the Old
F is for Alastair Fowler’s How To Write
G is for Walter Gratzer’s Terrors of the Table
H is for Jacob Hacker’s The Great Risk Shift
I is for Cait Irwin’s Monochrome Days
J is for Philip Jenkin’s The Next Christendom
K is for Philip Kitcher’s Living With Darwin
L is for David Lehman’s Oxford Book of American Poetry
M is for James McPherson’s The Mighty Scourge
N is for Scott Nelson’s Steel Drivin’ Man
O is for David Oshinsky’s Polio
P is for Richard Posner’s Not A Suicide Pact
Q is for Jill Quadagno’s One Nation, Uninsured
R is for Michael and Diane Ravitch’s The English Reader
S is for Robert Solomon’s True To Our Feelings
T is for Phyllis Tickle’s The Night Offices
U is for Geoffrey Underwood’s Oxford Guide to the Mind
V is for Lynne Viola’s The Unknown Gulag
W is for Wendy Wassertein’s Sloth
X is for Xenophon’s The Expedition of Cyrus
Y is for Iris Marion Young’s Inclusion and Democracy
Z is for Franklin Zimring’s The Great American Crime Decline

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