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Extreme Home Makeover and Oxford University Press

While the editorial offices of Oxford University Press are in NYC, our warehouse is located in Cary, North Carolina. This Sunday, January 21st, be sure to tune into your local ABC station at 8/7 central and watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The family Ty and the gang help are located in Raleigh, NC. After a field trip to the Oxford warehouse in Cary, they should have a ton of new Oxford books!

Pretty cool. Well I wouldn’t have known about Oxford’s involvement with Extreme Makeover at all, if my colleague Rebecca Seger (Ref. Marketing Director) hadn’t sent us the following email:

As some of you may know, OUP does, from time-to-time and upon discussion with the producers, donate books to the families featured in the show. We get no tax benefit, because we are a non-profit ourselves, so we are primarily doing this just to make sure there is a terrific library of excellent books for the entire family, and we get a little credit on the rolling screen at the end of the show. I usually get the story behind the family’s reason for being on the show, a little background on each of the family members, and the books are picked to meet their needs…

… to be able to support a family right in the community in which we work and live – that’s the best part of this entire story.

I feel all warm and fuzzy, seriously though, I’m impressed with Oxford. It’s a nice thing to do, but what’s more important, we can watch it on primetime tv!

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