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The English Reader Quiz: Part Three

Come on, we know you aren’t working today. Take a couple minutes and give your brain a workout. Here are five more questions to stretch your literary muscles, courtesy of Michael and Diane Ravitch, authors of The English Reader. Be sure to try part one and two of the quiz.

  1. “The time has come,” the Walrus said,/ “To talk of many things:/ Of shoes — and ships — and sealing wax —/ Of cabbages —- and kings —”
    1. Oscar Wilde
    2. Robert Louis Stevenson
    3. Edward Lear
    4. Lewis Carroll
  2. I grow old…. I grow old… I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.
    1. WH Auden
    2. TS Eliot
    3. A.E. Housman
    4. Phillip Larkin
  3. How can we know the dancer from the dance?
    1. Percy Bysshe Shelley
    2. W.B. Yeats
    3. William Blake
    4. T.S. Eliot
  4. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
    1. Robert Herrick
    2. William Shakespeare
    3. Walter Raleigh
    4. Richard Lovelace
  5. The weakest woman, the very poorest woman, if she withholds her consent cannot be governed.
    1. Virginia Woolf
    2. John Stuart Mill
    3. Emmeline Pankhurst
    4. Mary Wollstonecraft

  1. 4; Lewis Carroll
  2. 2; TS Eliot
  3. 2; W.B. Yeats
  4. 1; Robert Herrick
  5. 3; Emmeline Pankhurst

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