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In The News: The Great Risk Shift


It’s on your television screen, on the front page of all the papers, and all over the radio: Wal-Mart slashes full-time jobs, shootings in an Amish community, Medicare patients’ data at risk… Everywhere you look Americans are facing unprecedented levels of risk.

Jacob Hacker, author of The Great Risk Shift: The Assault on American Jobs, Families, Health Care, and Retirement And How You Can Fight Back would agree. In fact, his new book which we have been highlighting this week (check out his Q & A and the Risk Quiz), argues that the two great pillars of economic security – the family and the workplace- guarantee far less security than they once did. His book documents how our economic security has eroded and what we can do reinstate it. Hacker is not trying to erase risk, clearly that would be a futile battle, rather Hacker is looking to help Americans manage and prepare for risk, to safeguard ourselves against the inevitabilities of job insecurity, illness, and old age.

Don’t think Hacker’s concerns and advice apply to you? Below is a round up of news stories that highlight the intensified risk levels facing America. Risk is everywhere, the more imperative question is what can Americans do to protect themselves?:

This is only a taste of what is in the news this week. As Hacker tells us in his book, “We can see the common threat that unites these stories only by looking at them through the lens of risk…Increasingly, all of us – even those with good jobs and good pay, with children and spouses, with homes and college degrees – are riding the new economic roller coaster.”

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