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Encyclopedia of Popular Music Quiz
Part Three

The quiz questions we have presented today are just a taste of all the knowledge contained in the Encyclopedia of Popular Music. With over 27,000 entries we could make this quiz go on forever. Instead, try your hand at the last five questions and don’t foget to take part one and two of the quiz which were posted earlier today.

  1. Which artist has had more consecutive number 1 hits than any other in US chart history?
  2. As of January 2006, what show became the longest running in Broadway history?
  3. In Eddie Cochran’s 1960 hit what are the ‘three steps to heaven’ he sings about?
  4. Who were the ‘second toughest in the infants’ in the dance genre during 1996?
  5. What was the first rap song to top the US pop charts?

  1. Elvis Presley
  2. Phantom of the Opera
    1. Find a girl you love
    2. She falls in love with you
    3. You kiss and hold her tightly
  3. Underworld
  4. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
  5. Want to read more by Larkin? Check out his list of the worst music albums of all time and come back on Monday, November 6th to read Larkin’s essay “Shoot The Designer.”

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