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President Picks “Polio”

Oshinsky_polio_9780195152944_1In an article titled “Bush Has Short Vacation List,” the AP reports that President Bush is reading 500 pages less this year than he did last year. Amidst clearing brush and throwing the occasional horseshoe President Bush will read Pulitzer Prize winner David Oshinsky’s, Polio: An American Story. We hope the President takes notes because Avian Flu scares us silly. Seriously though, our hunch is the President will like the details about Franklin Roosevelt’s behind-the-scenes role in getting the Polio crusade off the ground. We hope he has a nice vacation, we would certainly like to take a month off!

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  1. Milan

    The first link there doesn’t seem to work. I would be quite interested in seeing the whole list.

  2. The Editors

    Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve fixed those links now.


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