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The Undercover Economist goes off

It was another big week for The Undercover Economist LINK and Tim Harford. The Washington Times began the week calling UE a “fetching” book, and the week ended with an equally flattering review by Roger Lowenstein in his NYTimes Business column, “Off the Shelf,” on Sunday.

In between, Harford was busy writing his own editorials. On Friday, he had a piece in The NYTimes on the WTO meetings in Hong Kong. Harford explains what poor countries should do now – regardless of the rich countries’ actions on subsidies – to facilitate the export of agricultural products and help their struggling farmers. LINK

Also on Friday at Slate.com, Harford digs into the mystery surrounding the shortages of this year’s “it” gift, the Xbox 360. Perhaps Microsoft gets a cut from all of those last-minute flights to Japan by desperate gamers? LINK to Slate.com.

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