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Friday procrastination: Snow leopard edition

By Alice Northover

It’s Friday once more and I’m holed up in my snow-proof bunker anticipating Nemo — both the storm and the movie.

Readers browsing through the damaged library of Holland House in West London, wrecked by a bomb on 22 October 1940.

The University of North Carolina’s Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library is publishing one piece of Civil War-era correspondence a day, 150 years to the day after it was written.

Academic reference inflation has set in.

The Millions has their first original ebook.

Music at New York Fashion Week.

Tracking people across security cameras today and forensic science of the Victorian era.

Bookish has finally launched and reaction is mixed.

Why aren’t academics tweeting? Not for the reasons you think.

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/kconnormartin/status/299530170153447424"]
Schopenhauer on books and reading.

The thriving academic blogosphere.

Why isn’t there cocaine in Coke anymore?

Timbuktu’s priceless manuscripts saved.

Agatha Christie was investigated by MI5 over Bletchley Park mystery.


Teaching tips from Tim Gunn.

A Russian family cut off from the world for 40 years.

Sally Tomlinson’s life as a woman professor.

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