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Bob Chilcott and Charles Bennett on “The Angry Planet”

Composer Bob Chilcott and librettist Charles Bennett discuss their experiences of creating “The Angry Planet”, a large-scale cantata on the theme of the environment which was premiered at the 2012 Proms by the Bach Choir, the BBC Singers, the National Youth Choir of Great Britain, and London schoolchildren.

Listen to the premiere of “The Angry Planet” on BBC Proms.

Bob Chilcott has been involved with choral music all his life, first as a Chorister and then a Choral Scholar at King’s College, Cambridge. Later, he sang and composed music for 12 years with The King’s Singers. His experiences with that group, his passionate commitment to young and amateur choirs, and his profound belief that music can unite people, have inspired him both to compose full-time and, through proactive workshopping, to promote choral music worldwide. He is the composer of “The Angry Planet”. You can follow him on Twitter at @BobChilcott.

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Angry Planet/BBC Proms image courtesy of BBC Proms.

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