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Friday Procrastination: Link Love

Hello everyone. Link Love reaches you from a surprisingly sunny Oxford today, and I have lots of lovely links to share. Without further ado…

Even though the series is now complete, the Harry Potter books are still breaking all sorts of records.

John Humphrys is one of the UK’s most feared interviewers. But is he really as fearsome as he seems on the Today Programme?

One of my favourite poets, John Burnside, was amongst the winners of the Society of Authors prizes this week.

Personally, I can’t get enough of second-hand books, so I disagree with everything this guy says.

Literary website The Valve is discussing George Eliot’s Adam Bede over the summer. Debates are already brewing, but remember rule #3: It’s summer, let’s have fun and not be snarky. (And thanks to The Reader Online for pointing me in The Valve’s direction.)

The Independent has an article by Andy Gill on why he hates Coldplay. I have to say I hate them too.

Here are some seriously dramatic photographs by Alfred G Buckham.

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