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Friday Procrastination: Link Love

I am so excited about Mickey Edwards and Judith Luna’s articles today that I almost don’t want to post my links of the week. I want you to stay on the blog and read all the great content we had this week. Seriously, how often do I get to post Philip Pullman, John L. Esposito and Patricia Aufderheide in one week! Okay, enough gloating. Links are below but please think twice before clicking away.

Can you help the New Yorker redesign Eustace Tilley?

Will you watch the Golden Globes press conference?

Gloria Steinem’s now famous Hillary crying op-ed. Slate’s snarky response.

A great series of personal essays about love and crying in restaurants.

How do you read the New Yorker? Do you have a strategy to keep up with it weekly?

Yummy cookies for the computer dork you love.

Stab me in the heart.

The future is approaching…your couch.

2 Responses to “Friday Procrastination: Link Love”
  1. m. snowe says:

    for more comments on Gloria Steinem’s OpEd,go to this site: http://righterblock.blogspot.com/
    and read the post “prepositions of power”

  2. Kirsty says:

    Oh I think I’m going to be making me some of them cookies!

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