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Da Lat, Vietnam


Da Lat, Vietnam

Coordinates: 11 56 N 108 25 E

Population: 122,400 (2000 est.)

People have long been singing the praises of The City of Light, but for those lacking the ways or means to easily reach the famously beautiful stretch of the Seine, I’d like to pose an alternative: Little Paris. Better known as Da Lat (or Dalat), this city in Vietnam’s south-central Highlands took shape in the early twentieth century and remains one of the most Gallic-appearing urban areas in the country. Surrounded by evergreen forests and dotted with French mansions and hilltop villas, Da Lat boasts cable cars and a red and white Eiffel Tower replica too. Its temperate climate, scenic central lake, along with nearby waterfalls helped to protect it from the devastation wreaked by the Vietnam war, and continue to make it a favorite destination for vacationers and honeymooners today.


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9 Responses to “Da Lat, Vietnam”
  1. I spent quite a lot of time in Da Lat during my stay in Vietnam in the sixties and seventies. A complete change from Saigon and no American presence. A curfew every evening at eight o’clock and sometimes very dodgy driving to get there. One needed friends for the evenings and walking anywhere outside town was scary.

  2. Alan Moote says:

    I spent a year (1970) at Firebase Colgan, B/2/17, overlooking Dalat. Dalat was a beautiful place and I feel very fortunate to have been stationed there. We were able to go into the town during the day and go to the shops and restaurants. Some of my friends and I would visit the children at the Catholic orpanage. I think it was called Le Domaigne Ste Marie or something close to that.

  3. Lyn Hartman says:

    I was in Dalat 11/69-11/70 with Provisional Artillery Group (FB Colgan B2/17 HQ also). Lovely city, home to the presidential summer palace and VNMA.

  4. Floyd Parks says:

    Lyn, I was also at Prov Arty Gp in 1970. Matter of fact, I took your job when you left. Tholen, Zabrowski, Webber were still there.
    Do you remember any of the other names of our co-workers? Austin & Sample worked downstairs in the Communications section.
    Lyn, do you remember the name of the French restaurant that the officers (me too) liked so much.
    Dalat is a beautiful city setting.

  5. Gordon Vest says:

    Floyd…we were with the prov group at the same time. I remember you and zaboroski, tholen. don’t remember webber. There were a few guys that I’ve found over the past 40 yrs. The restaurant we all liked was the Lo Vieve…not sure how it’s spelled. We ate there a lot. Good memories of Dalat.

  6. Simon says:

    Hello I was at BBtry from Sept to March ’71. I went back in Feb ’07. The city is still beautiful. I ate at the Lo Vieve too.

  7. Barry Walter says:

    I was in Group S3 from Sept 1970 until Group redeployed back to Pleiku then went to Dak To until July 1971 when I finally came home after 47.5 months incountry. I always remember Dalat as a lovely city. The fog on the lake in the morning was haunting. The people were friendly with the history of the French influence. I would love to walk up the hill from the city to FSB Colgan in the morning again or play hearts until 2:00 am one more time.

  8. george c shuman (shu) says:

    I was in hdq 1st field force in 1970 especially June 1,1970 when we were hit. I think I was on Colgan but do not remember name of the firebase. I was called Shu.

  9. Glen Ford says:

    Was in Dalat a lot. Convoys from A battery 5th bn Duc Throng 1969 – 70. still remember the beauty of the city and the collage. Headquarters moved to Phan Rang.

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