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Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ben’s Place of the Week

Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina Coordinates: 43 59 N 18 10 E Population: 15,310 (1991 census) There are plenty of cases where tourists have been lured to destinations to see replicas of ancient architecture, or commercial complexes masquerading as cultural monuments, but how about sites that are arguably hoaxes? Residents of Visoko, a short distance northwest […]

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A Tribute to Katrina Victims

“As daylight slowly returned and the wind eased during the morning of Tuesday, August 25, survivors emerged, stunned, from the debris. Some wept, some were stoic, and many were so dazed they did not recognize their profoundly altered surroundings. In many places, little but rubble stretched as far as the eye could see. What few […]

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