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W – Podictionary Word of the Day

It seems strange that in English we call W ‘double-U’ while in French its ‘double-V’. It’s usually written to resemble two Vs, rather than two Us. At Urbandictionary, the entry for W contains plenty of slurs against George Bush, and those who decided to have 3-Ws as the start of a web address.

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Magnet – Podictionary Word of the Day

The OED refers to two men; Pliny and Nicander—in its etymology for the word magnet. Pliny was a Roman who lived in the 1st century and wrote the ‘Natural History’. Nicander was a Greek, who lived 300 years earlier. It’s very useful in figuring out how past peoples thought of the world around them.

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The ABC’s of GBS: Part 1

This week we present the first installment of Evan’s series on “The ABC’s of Google Book Search.” With his help, we hope to untangle the intricacies, and express our excitement, about the future of publishing.

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