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Can you match the famous opening line to the story? [Quiz]

Can you match the famous opening line to the story? [Quiz]

Do you know your Austen from your Orwell? Consider yourself a literature whiz? Or do you just love a compelling story opening? Try out this quiz and see if you can match the famous opening line to the story and put your knowledge to the test. Good luck! 

If you want to find out more about the power of a good opening and other interesting storytelling techniques, check out The Short Story: A Very Short Introduction from our Very Short Introduction series. The “Openings” chapter is currently available to sample for free on the Oxford Academic platform

Featured image by Florian Klauer via Unsplash, public domain 

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    I am an avid reader of literature and I am particularly interested in the Romantic Fictions of Shelley or Byron or Coleridge so that the Oxford fiction mythologies as translated from the prestigious Merton College has particular reference as such as does the outstanding theories of Sir Adam Smith such as the Theory of Moral sentiments and the Wealth of Nations as do David Hume ‘s theories which preside such so that as much one subscribes to Mertonian theories and so do the theories of the renowned Balliol College offer some particular reference with regard to world poverty issues and the degradation of the world as perceived in 2022 and as deliberated at the World Economic Forum and on other facilities, thank you.

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