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Which literary heroine are you? [quiz]

To best celebrate the online launch of the Oxford World’s Classics, discover which literary heroine you are most like with our quiz. Are you the witty and headstrong Lizzie Bennet? More of the steadfastly independent Jane Eyre? Or another illustrious literary heroine? Find out now!

Featured image by Jess Bailey

Recent Comments

  1. D C Briscoe

    It would be a nice surprise if there was actually a way of taking this quiz. I’m very disappointed

  2. OUPblog team

    Hi DC Briscoe, thank you for reporting your access issue with the quiz, and I’m sorry for the disappointment! I’m just troubleshooting the problem now for you – can I ask which web browser you are using please? Many thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards, the OUPblog team

  3. kimnik

    Still no quiz.
    Not via IE nor Chrome nor Firefox.

  4. Joachim Grotherr

    Hi, can’t see the quiz with Chrome Version 89.0.4389.72 (official build) (64-Bit)

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