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The impact of heat stress on beef cattle: how can shade help? [infographic]

Cattle well-being and performance is negatively impacted by extreme heat stress. Introducing shade as a mechanism to mitigate this is one way to offer relief.

Heat waves in the US have caused widespread death in cattle. After the 1995 heat event in Iowa, it was found that non-shaded lots experienced a much higher death toll than shaded lots (4.8% and 0.2% respectively). Cattle that do survive periods of extreme heat experience reduced productivity, resulting in economic loss. In 2003, a study found that an estimated $1.69-2.36 billion was lost in the livestock industry due to heat stress.

As well as the effect on the economy, global temperature increase has become another driving force behind discussions on heat stress and animal welfare and has cast a spotlight on the importance of developing and implementing mitigation strategies, such a shading. Whilst well-reviewed in dairy cows, the research on using shade as a stress reduction strategy in beef cattle is still largely inconclusive. There is some evidence to suggest that shade does reduce heat stress, but industry guidelines are not consistent and as a result, producers can be reluctant to implement these strategies.

Animal welfare is not just about the productivity of livestock. Polsky and von Keyserlingk (2017) illustrated that when a dairy cow is not able to find shade in a hot climate the cow’s ability to express natural behaviors is impacted. The lack of shade will subsequently affect the performance of the cow and reduce productivity. Although based on a dairy cow, these findings have also been applied to beef cows on pasture. Increased attention to their welfare ensures cattle will perform more successfully.

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The impact of heat stress on beef cattle

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