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Open Access – Episode 58 – The Oxford Comment [podcast]

Should academic research be available to everyone? How should such a flow of information be regulated? Why would the accessibility of information ever be controversial?

Our topic today is Open Access (OA), the movement defined in the early 2000s to ensure the free access to, and reuse of, academic research on the Internet. In 2004, Oxford University Press became the first publisher to transition a mature journal to OA, and OUP has been a leading publisher of OA journals ever since.

On this episode of The Oxford Comment, Rhiannon Meaden, a Senior Publisher for Journals at OUP, and Danny Altmann, editor-in-chief of Oxford Open Immunology, cover the basics of Open Access, OUP’s drive to disseminate academic research as widely as possible, and how easily-accessible research has impacted various academic fields around the world. This last fact is especially important as the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic.



Featured image by NASA (CC0 via Unsplash).

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  1. Julián

    Si realmente es abierto, no se ha de poner NINGUNA traba, ni otros condicionantes indirectos.-Por ejemplo: Yo podía ser terraplanista. y entonces, mis comentarios, no se publican.-O podía afirmar que la suma de dos más dos es veintidós.-en ambos caso, Nunca se publicarán mis comentarios, ideas derivaciones, nuevas teorías, etc, etc.-La Historia nos demuestra que la censura, especialmente la censura académica, ha existido, existe, y existirá, SIEMPRE.-Un cordial saludo

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