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The politics of food [podcast]

Gearing up for Thanksgiving and the holiday season brings excitement for decorations and holiday cheer, but it can also bring on a financial burden – especially where food is concerned. The expectation to host a perfect holiday gathering complete with a turkey and trimmings can cause unnecessary pressure on those who step up to host family and friends.

On this episode of The Oxford Comment, we explore the social, economic and psychological issues that families face, when providing meals year-round, especially during the holidays. From parent-shaming to the expense of eating organic, the food we eat says more than meets the eye. With the help of the authors of Pressure Cooker: Why Home Cooking Won’t Solve Our Problems and What we Can Do About It we tackle the million dollar question; how do families approach the conversation of food?


Featured image credit: Farmhouse tableware by Hannah Busing. Public Domain via Unsplash.

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