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The strange and unusual laws of Italy [interactive map]

The International Bar Association Annual Conference will be held in Rome from 7th October through 12th October. It is one of the largest annual events for international lawyers, renowned for its exceptional line-up of speakers from around the world, excellent networking opportunities, and global mission to promote and develop key issues in law.  With a programme of over 200 sessions, all covering a broad range of topics concerning the legal world today, the conference provides opportunities for lawyers in all practice areas.

In celebration of this year’s host country, Italy, we’ve taken a look at some of the more unusual laws that can be found across the country. From beachside bans on building sandcastles, to mayoral declarations that townsfolk are forbidden from biting the dust, explore our interactive map of Italy and discover these legal oddities for yourself.

Featured image: Colosseum Exterior photo by Mathew Schwartz (@cadop). Public domain via Unsplash.

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