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Consent on campus minisode [podcast]

This episode of The Oxford Comment includes discussion of sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.

As students head back to university to start their fall semester, the conversation of consent will no doubt surround them on campus. But what can actually be defined as consent? Where do students learn what consent actually means?

On this minisode of The Oxford Comment, we hop on a call with Jes Lukes, co-owner of “A Room of One’s Own” an independent book store in the heart of college town Madison, Wisconsin. Jes provides insight to some new initiatives by college campuses to acknowledge the culture of consent, including some applicable literature recommendations.

Follow @roomofonesownbooks on Instagram and @RoomofOnesOwn on Twitter as well as their website, www.roomofonesown.com.

RAINN: 800.656.4673 (U.S) www.rainn.org
National Rape Crisis Helpline: 0808.802.9999 (U.K)
Rape and Domestic Violence Services: 1.800.424.017 (AUS)
Rape Crisis Europe: www.rcne.com (International)

Featured image credit: Unsplash Backpack by Scott Webb. Public Domain via Unsplash.

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