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The Quotable Guide to Punctuation Quiz Part Two

Quotations can be humorous and informative when drawn from the words of notable figures, from Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Jerry Seinfeld to Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others. But can you spot which quote is punctuated correctly? Do you consider yourself a punctuation expert? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

For more explanations, guidelines, rules, and advice, see Stephen Spector’s The Quotable Guide to Punctuation.


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Featured image: “Cursive” by A. Birkan ÇAGHAN. CC BY 2.0 via Flickr.

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  1. bentwoode

    On my screen, I found it impossible to distinguish between periods and commas – even after expanding the browser display using Control-Plus. I recommend that, when you compose future quizzes, you choose a font that makes a clear distinction between these two.

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