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Advancements by women throughout history [Timeline]

“It is well known that women receive little or no attention in traditional history writing.” In honour of women’s history month, we will be looking at the vital role of women in history. Based on numerous journal articles and covering various periods between the 1300s and 1950s the timeline highlights key figures and movements that contributed towards the advancement of women across various regions.

Featured image credit: Votes for Women at 21, 1927 via LSE Library. CC0 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Máire Cross

    A great idea to put up a good selection from the many political, social and cultural movements in which women were involved in just a few countries and over many centuries. There are so many to chose from !

  2. Raymond Cormier

    So, no women before 1300!!!!???

  3. Judith Gibson

    I will be very interested to read this research, since I have been researching the author of some Romantic Period works which were incorrectly attributed to a male author. My findings are extensive and I hope to be able to publish them in book form within the next year.

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