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A farewell to former OUPblog editor, Dan Parker

I have been fortunate enough to work on the OUPblog every single day I’ve been at Oxford University Press. When I first started in the UK Publicity team nearly six years ago, I was responsible for commissioning, editing, and coding blog posts, and I instantly fell in love with the channel. As my responsibilities for the OUPblog grew, so too did my attachment to it. It was a huge honour to become the editor of the OUPblog last May.

My favourite thing about the OUPblog is the breadth and diversity of the content we publish. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with content for the blog and learn something completely new each day. I guess that’s one of the reasons the OUPblog has been so successful for the past eleven years, and why it continues to appeal to a large community of devoted readers.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the previous editors and deputy editors who made my job infinitely easier. I’m also grateful to all of the incredible contributors and authors who write for the OUPblog. I have enjoyed editing and reading your articles over the years. And a special thank you to Alice Northover, the editor who handed me the reins back in May last year and who taught me everything I needed to know.

The OUPblog tagline is “Academic Insights for the Thinking World”. I am confident that we have upheld that mantra during my time as editor. I may not be working on the OUPblog anymore, but I will be reading it every day. I hope you will join me.

Fare thee well OUPblog – and adieu, dear readers.

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  1. Alexa

    What a fantastic bloke. I’ll cherish every moment I’ve spent with him. A true loss to the company and industry. Fare thee well sweet Daniel.

    Alexa Xx

  2. Dan Taber

    Daniel, my brother,

    I was named after this song, but today, today it belongs to you.

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