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Looking forward to Hay Festival 2017

Spring has sprung! For me this means a multitude of happenings – lambs in the fields, ducklings at work, and Hay festival! Each year I am lucky enough to take a week’s working holiday in the world famous book town that is Hay-on-Wye supporting, entertaining, and generally looking after our OUP authors. It also gets me up close and personal with media and publishing chums as we munch cake and drink coffee in the Green Room which positively bustles with activity each day.

This year Hay Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary – cooked up round the kitchen table all those years ago it is now a global phenomenon. As part of their celebrations this year they have scheduled 30 Reformation speakers, one of whom is Sarah Harper who will be focusing on ‘Ageing’. She will also be recording one of BBC Radio 3’s Essays.

The festival is very good at celebrating not only new writers but also young writers who ‘inspire and astonish’ and I am thrilled that they have selected Devi Sridhar who co-authored a recent book on global health with Chelsea Clinton to be one of the Hay 30!

Whilst I enjoy attending all our author’s events there are inevitably some highlights that I particularly wanted to draw attention to. Kicking off with the world leading moral philosopher Peter Singer in conversation with the fabulously entertaining Stephen Fry, and wrapping up at the end of the week with Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough whose immensely fascinating and entertaining book on Viking history will end a week of guaranteed entertainment.

If you, too, are planning to head to the Hay Festival in Wales at the end of this month then do take a look at the schedule below of our OUP author events:

Saturday 27 May

2.30pm, Peter Singer – Famine, Affluence, and Morality

Sunday 28 May

10am, Devi Sridhar – Governing Global Health         

Monday 29 May

10am, Kathleen Taylor – The Fragile Brain

4pm, Sarah Harper – Reformation

8.30pm, David Allen Green – to join Bronwen Maddox, Terry Burns, and Vicky Pryce “How To Do Brexit” 

Tuesday 30 May

1pm, Luciano Floridi – The Fourth Revolution

Wednesday 31 May

10am, Iwan Rhys Morus – Oxford Illustrated History of Science

2.30pm, Tony Verity – Homer

Thursday 1 June

10am, Catherine Barnard on European Law

2.30pm, Mark Maslin – The Cradle of Humanity

7pm, John Parrington – Redesigning Life

Friday 2 June

10am, Colin Jones – Smile Revolution

10am, Robin Hanson – Age of EM

4pm, Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones – We Know all About You

5.30pm, Leif Wenar – Blood Oil

5.30pm, Anabel Inge – The Making of a Salafi Muslim Woman

Saturday 3 June

10am, Barbara Sahakian & Julia Gottwald – Sex, Lies, and Brain Scans

7pm, Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough – Beyond the Northlands

Featured image credit: Hay on Wye literary festival by ‘Peter’. CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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