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Legend of love: the life of Alla Osipenko in images

At age eighty-three, ex-prima ballerina Alla Osipenko is more renowned than ever. Blunt, courageous, uncompromising: Osipenko’s brushes with Communist and artistic authorities kept her largely quarantined in the Soviet Union during the height of her extraordinary career. But today we can see evidence of her skill and grace — as well as the tremendous personal risk she and her family took — in photographs and on film. A selection of photographs from Alla Osipenko: Beauty and Resistance in Soviet Ballet, in which Joel Lobenthal examines the life of this sharp-tongued and independent dancer, can be found below.

A snapshot of her life in pictures:

A performance of The Ice Maiden:

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  1. Zoya Jakowles

    It is a very interesting book about a lovely ballerina but also about ballet politics in Russia and in ballet companies. She names all the party members at the Kirov and how they used their power to get roles for themselves and take away roles from non party members. Anyone interested in ballet in Russia should read it.

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