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How much do you know about money during the Elizabethan Era? [quiz]

If you were living in Elizabethan England you would find that common goods, such as spices and books, would cost you no more than a pound or two. However, you would probably be earning about the same amount depending on your trade or craft. Even Shakespeare only earned a few pounds for his playwriting and acting. What would you spend your wages on if your income was as little as four pounds a week? More importantly, would you be able to manage your finances according to the costs of 16th and 17th century England? Take our quiz to prove just how much you know about money in Shakespeare’s time.

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Featured Image: “English money” by Images Money (TaxRebate.org.uk). CC BY 2.0 via Flickr

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  2. Patrick Atherton

    While we talk about the money in 1st elizabeth’s times, want to congratulate no 2 on being the longest ruling monarch now. One key element of Elizabeth II’s life is dignity and silence. Not making views public is the key.

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