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Test your knowledge of Baruch Spinoza [quiz]

This December, the OUP Philosophy team has chosen Baruch Spinoza as their Philosopher of the Month. The seventeenth century philosopher was seen as a controversial figure due to his views on God and religion, leading to excommunication and herem from the Amsterdam Jewish community, and his books being banned by the Church. His posthumous book, Ethics, is seen as one of the most important contributions to modern Western philosophy. His rationalist arguments have influenced leading philosophers such as Ludwig Wittgenstein, Friedrich Nietzsche, Gottfried Leibniz, and many more to come. How much do you know about Baruch Spinoza?

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Featured image credit: Pond and Building in The Hague, Netherlands. CC0 Public domain via Pixabay.

Quiz image credit: C. 1665 Portrait of Baruch Spinoza. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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