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Preparing for AMS Louisville

We’re getting ready for the annual American Musicological Society Conference, beginning 11 November 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky. From panels to performances, there’s a lot to look forward to. We asked our past and present attendees to tell us what make AMS and Louisville such exciting places to be this month.

Program Highlights

If you’re attending the AMS Louisville Conference, keep your eye out for these exciting events on AMS’s schedule. Here are some quick highlights selected by our editors.


3:00     New Music Festival: Kaija Saariaho, Convocation Lecture, University of Louisville, Comstock Hall

8:00     New Music Festival: Louisville Orchestra, University of Louisville, Comstock Hall


12:00    John Schneider, guitar, Frazier History Museum

12:15    Michael Beckerman discusses Louisville’s “unconscious composers”, Nunn

8:00     Kentucky Opera Presents: Jake Heggie, Three Decembers, Brown Theater

8:00     New Music Festival: University of Louisville Orchestra, University of Louisville, Comstock Hall


12:30    Improvisation in Beethoven’s Violin Sonatas, Katharina Uhde (Valparaiso University), violin, R. Larry Todd (Duke University), piano, Nunn

8:00     Louisville Orchestra, Music of Led Zeppelin, Whitney Hall, Kentucky Center

8:00     New Music Festival: Electronic Music, University of Louisville, Comstock Hall

Tips from OUP Staff

“One I can answer right away: I’m a big fan of the restaurant Hillbilly Tea in Louisville. Delicious eats, all locally sourced and strongly recommended!”
–Norm Hirschy, Editorial

“I always enjoy AMS as a place to make new friends and catch up with old ones in the musicology community. My favorite AMS memory is attending an early Sunday morning panel on women in rock music featuring Annie Randall, author of Dusty: Queen of the Post Mods.”
–Richard Carlin, Editorial

“I love AMS because I get to talk in person to the people I work with all year. I meet with the editorial boards for Grove Music, Oxford Bibliographies, and Oxford Handbooks. It’s the only time all year where we get to sit down in a room together to talk about those thorny issues that benefit from a prolonged discussion rather than a phone call or an email. But I also love meeting with scholars one-on-one to talk about what they’re working on. It’s one of the great pleasures of my job – listening to people talk about the things they are really passionate about. I’ve never been to Louisville before. I don’t usually have too much time for exploring while at AMS, but I’m hoping to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum, just a few blocks from the hotel, on behalf of my son, who’s an avid baseball player.”
–Anna-Lise Santella, Editorial

“Back in 2013, I filmed a video during the AMS conference with Deane Root and Charles Hiroshi Garrett. They sat down and talked about the second edition of The Grove Dictionary of American Music, and it was really interesting to hear about the past, present, and future of the project in both print and online.”
–Victoria Davis, Marketing

“This is my first AMS conference and first time to Lousville, so I’m excited to learn more about the local culture while getting to know my coworkers. It’s a great opportunity to meet authors, musicians, and teachers who love music and music books as much as I do.”
–Celine Aenlle-Rocha, Marketing

“This is my first time traveling to a conference with Oxford so I’m looking forward to seeing all of our texts displayed after knowing all the hard work and preparation that goes into our exhibits.”
–Erin Stanton, Marketing

AMS has a fantastic list of dining suggestions to check out in between events.

If you’re attending the conference, stop by the Oxford University Press booth. You’ll have the chance to check out our books, including our new and bestselling titles on display at a 20% conference discount, and get free trial access to our suite of online products. To learn more about the AMS conference, check out their official website and follow along on Twitter at @OUPMusic and the #amslouisville hashtag.

Featured image: Louisville Skyline. Photo by The Pug Father. CC BY 2.0 via Flickr.

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