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In memoriam: Terry Vaughn

Oxford University Press mourns the passing of Terry Vaughn, friend, colleague, and fellow traveler. Terry was a legendary editor whose influence in economics and finance publishing was powerfully in evidence for decades and whose contributions spanned the programs of MIT Press, Princeton University Press, and Oxford University Press. His most important legacy, however, is his family and the network of friends and admirers he leaves behind. As we all struggle to make sense of the enormity and suddenness of this loss, the same sentiments are voiced again and again: “Terry was a great editor but an even better person.“ “Terry was one of the nicest people I met in publishing, such a lovely guy.” “I remember him fondly and with admiration.” “There was such an aura of vigor and eternal youth about him.” Renowned for his passions and varied interests, his self-critical introspection, and his warmth and good will (as well as for a marvelously astute and pithy definition of game theory during an editorial meeting several years ago), Terry was a serious person with an easy laugh and a perpetually bemused air. e were very fond of him and we will miss him greatly.

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