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How many of these famous political quotes have you heard before?

The week of the UK general election has finally arrived. After suffering weeks of incessant sound-bites, you will soon be free of political jargon for another few years. Phrases like “long-term economic plan” have been repeated so often that they have ceased to mean anything. However, at OUP, we remember a time when political speeches had a huge impact on the country. From Margaret Thatcher to Harold Wilson, from Benjamin Disraeli to Winston Churchill, British prime ministers and politicians have uttered phrases that have echoed throughout history. How many of these famous political quotes do you remember? See if you can match up the quote to the politician who said it in the quiz below.

Quiz image credit: Winston Churchill. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.
Featured image credit: Houses of Parliament, by [Duncan]. CC-BY-2.0 via Flickr.

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  1. Jules Levin

    It would be interesting to run the same test with American politicians. You might get a different spread of scores.

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