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College education for emerging adults [infographic]

College education trends have been changing a lot over the past few decades — from tuition fees to enrollment rates to reasons for attending. While it may seem as though today’s emerging adults aren’t satisfied with today’s education trends, 9 out of 10 high schoolers expect to continue their education in some way after graduation, and 84% of college graduates believe their education was a good investment.

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett examines the college process of those in their late teens and early twenties in the second edition of Emerging Adulthood, uncovering what years of rising higher education costs and post-high school education opportunities have had on the attitudes of those trying to assert their independence. The infographic below illustrates some of the positive and negative college data from his work.


Download the pdf or jpg of the infographic.

Featured image credit: University of Toronto. CC0 via Pixabay.

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