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Independent water providers in Kisumu and Addis Ababa

In order to build the future we want, we must consider the part that water plays in our ecosystems, urbanization, industry, energy, and agriculture. In recognition of this challenge, the United Nations celebrates World Water Day on 22 March each year, including this year’s theme: ‘Water and Sustainable Development’.

Sustainable access to safe drinking water is a fundamental human right, yet in 2012, 748 million people were still living without access to an improved source of drinking water. The proper regulation of small water vendors in Kenya and Ethiopia could result in increased access to water for the poor. With data drawn from “Small Independent Water Providers: Their Position in the Regulatory Framework for the Supply of Water in Kenya and Ethiopia” in the Journal of Environmental Law, the following infographic illustrates the crucial role that independent water providers play in the supply of water to Kisumu, Kenya and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Download a pdf or jpg of the infographic.

Headline image credit: Truck carrying straw in Kisumu, Nyanza, Kenya. Photo by William Warby. CC BY 2.0 via wwarby Flickr.

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