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Why are money market funds safer than the Bitcoin?

Few realise that Brazil was the birthplace of the money market fund. Since their inception money market funds have grown and spread globally. However, they have often eluded a firm definition. In this series of podcasts Viktoria Baklanova, Chief Credit Officer of Acacia Capital (New York), describes the genesis of money market funds, explains what they are, and gives insight to the size of the industry and the major players within it. As well as providing an overview to money market funds Baklanova discusses their possible regulation. In response to the recent popularity of the Bitcoin, Baklanova describes what the Bitcoin is, why it is popular, and what dangers it poses. In doing so she provides a comparison between the Bitcoin and money market funds, explaining why the latter is safer.

Bitcoin euro

What are money market funds and what is the size of the industry?


Who are the major players?


Where and how did money market fund originate?


Why are money market funds safer than the Bitcoin?


How should money market funds be regulated?


What is the future of money market funds?


Image credit: Bitcoin. CC-BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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